Frequently Asked Questions

This are the most frequent questions asked.

Question 1:

How much does the board make?

Answer 1: The board is completely made up of volunteers, and we are a 501c3 non profit, it is against the law for any board member to profit off the league. Our by-laws also prevent us from it.

Question 2:

How do I volunteer and get involved with our community league.

Answer 2: Start coming to our monthly general membership meetings, this league is owned by its members. The board just manages it in good faith. The members are the parents and families that make up your league, with paying your child's registration you are a member of the league for that year. We need volunteers, please get involved!

Question 3:

Where does my money go when we sign our child up?

Answer 3: We are required by law to keep records of all our financial records. This is a questions we answer alot. We have a cost analysis available at our meetings, also a typical registration covers the following: Uniforms, Mortgage, Maintenance, Volunteer background checks, umpire fee's, practice kits, game balls, county fees and utilities. We have to make up the difference through sponsors and fundraising.

Question 4:

What does it cost to play?

Answer 4: This depends on the cost of each sport, all sports are not created the same. At this time the following are the costs of each Sport that we offer.

- Baseball $120.00

- Softball $120.00

- Cheer $120.00

- Football $110.00

- Ragball $85.00

- Touch Football $85.00

- Volleyball $65.00

Question 5:

When will the seasons start?

Answer 5: Each sport is different, there  is a lot of coordination that in to getting a season started, Once the sign ups are complete, there should be a draft, after the draft you should hear from your coach. Sign up for our newsletter and facebook to stay informed.

Question 6:

Will yall ever offer other Sports?

Answer 6: YES! We want to offer as many recreational options for the residents of Boiling Springs and surrounding areas, but we have to make sure we have the staff in place to handle it. We work with district 2 schools, and also the Boiling Springs Schools to try to assist with resources to provide other fitness options. Please check back often, and again sign up for our news letter and follow us on facebook.